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In case you have not yet heard, we are moving our production into an expanded and more modern facility in Nanaimo. Although we would have liked to maintain an uninterrupted product supply, closing of the Courtenay facility was inevitable. It only makes sense to do so now at our slowest time of the year. This full-stop in Courtenay will allow us to consolidate our time and energy so that the new facility can be operational sooner rather than later. We apologize for any inconvenience, especially to those who are only learning about our move after the fact. 


Change and transformation are an inherent part of all businesses. While we sincerely appreciate the support that Comox Valley has show to us in the past several years, we don't expect to emerge from our transformation phase in the same shape and form as before. We look forward to announcing our future plans when the time is right. You may also see our website showing as "under reconstruction" in the near future.

Many thanks to Oliver Delorie for inviting us to participate in his latest digital cookbook project: Eat Like A Local - Vancouver Island

Visit Oliver's website for a free PDF download of the cookbook!

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Welcome to Cultured Tea at its finest!

Having invested well over 10,000 hours contemplating, practicing and perfecting his craft, the founder of ZEN MOMENT KOMBUCHA has been referred to as "Gung-fu Master of Kombucha". It is no wonder when you gradually come to realize his level of devotion to the art of making this traditional divine elixir. For Nelson, brewing Kombucha is a meditative art form and a key part of his personal spiritual practice as he endeavors to serve the highest good. He selects premium and organic ingredients with utmost care and always brings his personal energetic best to the brewing process. Every meticulous step taken is infused with loving intention in the spirit of the findings of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto - The Hidden Messages In Water.

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Kombucha is a legendary and ancient cultured tea beverage with as many exotic names as there are world cultures, yet the exact origins of the beverage remain a mystery. Believed to have originated in North East China around 215 A.D., kombucha holds wide and longstanding renown as a folk remedy. Throughout time it has been referred to by many lofty names such as

"Stomach Treasure", "Elixir of Life" and "Tea of Immortality".

The late Dr. Masaru Emoto gave us all new insight to an ancient belief that water is an impressionable medium of energy, information and emotion. In the spirit of his remarkable findings, we can honestly tell you that the three primary ingredients that make ZEN MOMENT KOMBUCHA so extraordinary are these: LOVE, INTEGRITY, SIMPLICITY