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"I absolutely love Zen Moment kombucha! It is truly masterfully produced and is by far the most delicious kombucha I have ever

drank. Nelson has perfected his art of making kombucha and the many flavor offerings are great. Pair that with the health benefits of drinking kombucha and you have a stellar locally produced beverage!"

Cheryl Condly

"I have been drinking Kombucha for a while now and have tried many flavours and brands... It is by far

the best kombucha I have tasted and unlike many, is fermented to perfection."

Jodi Klahm-Kozicki

"This is by far the best, pure, properly made kombucha. The taste is nothing but high class perfection. The store is adorable and homey and filled with samples that once you try, you won't be able to leave without a bottle for home. I find the price very reasonable, for the size, how long it lasts, and how it's made with true teas.

Love love love".

Karissa Malin