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Oak Cultured Tisane at its finest!

Make your fine dining customer’s experience even more memorable with our luxuriously crafted 750mL Oak Cultured Tisane. A calming blend of 14 herbs and spices, this non-alcoholic, non caffeinated, oak vessel fermented beverage is not only sublime and sophisticated in taste and mouthfeel, but also packed with nutritional and functional benefits for digestive and overall well being. Our custom frosted bottle with textured permanent decal overlay is a pleasure to behold and is guaranteed to be a real conversation piece.

We know the challenges you are facing right now to revive your traffic flow as a restauranteur, resort owner, spa owner, caterer, or event planner. We have given a great deal of thought as to how we can help you not only re-entice former customers to re-engage, but also to charmingly invite new visitors to your fine establishments. You and your guests will not be disappointed when you chose to showcase our one-of-a-kind specialty elixir on your menu.

We are pre-launch with 6 x 3000L Italian Crafted Oak tanks in our boutique factory setting in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada. Be sure to contact us with your anticipated needs so that we can aim to accommodate you quickly when we roll out. This product will be in high demand so please make your inquiries and reservations today!


> Product of Canada – 628634349168

> English/French Label

> Purified water – clean ingredient deck

> Contents 750mL

> Suggested serving 250mL

> 3 servings per bottle

> 15 Calories per serving (4g sugar)

> Live Culture - requires refrigeration 4 °C

> Gentle natural carbonation only

> Shelf life 24mo from packaged on date

> Laser coded Batch #, Packaged On, Best Before

> Facility free of common allergens

> Approximate pH 3.0

> TF number for customer questions

> QR code for retention marketing + multilingual

> Height with closure 266mm

> Max diameter 99mm

> Glass weight 650g

> Finished weight approx. 1.4kg

> Available in branded 6pk shipper case

> Suggested glassware > champagne flute

> Suggested consumption > sip with main course