Our Story

"We’ve loved every minute of our journey!"

From the first taste!

When Nelson Meggitt and Pei-Fen Chang first met back in February of 2014 they discovered many things in common including being vegetarian and choosing to pursue a healthy lifestyle in mind, body and spirit. It was not long before a solid friendship developed, and in due course they became roommates. Although Nelson's occupation was already evolving towards the healing arts, he was unfamiliar with kombucha. When Pei-Fen first introduced him to the tasty beverage he took an immediate liking to it. Before long he was researching and cultivating his home brewing skills. As time went on, friends and dinner guests repeatedly complimented him on his kombucha.
"I grew up on kombucha", Pei-Fen would often say, "I was not allowed to buy pop from the store. Nelson's kombucha reminds me of my mom's!"

Humble beginnings at the Denman Market

When an opportunity later arose for Nelson and Pei-Fen to move from Courtenay to Denman Island they jumped at the chance and made plans to operate a healing oriented B&B. When those plans were cut short by circumstances beyond their control, they regrouped and joined the Denman Island Saturday Farmers' Market to make ends meet. In step with Denman culture, Nelson offered his home-brewed kombucha and Pei-Fen delighted market goers with her vegetarian Taiwanese-fusion recipes and spicy sauces. They worked well as a team and their lovingly produced offerings were a big hit. "Your kombucha tastes better than anything I've tried from the store!", was the typical comment. Nelson even had the opportunity in August to serve his kombucha tea to Taiwan's first Ambassador to Canada who enjoyed it very much!

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Nelson has a vivid dream!

After a memorable season at the farmers' market, the house Nelson and Pei-Fen were renting was put up for sale. When the sale inevitably happened there were no other rentals to be found on Denman and life called them back to Courtenay. However the wheels in Nelson's mind kept on turning. He visualized a scenario where his passion for kombucha brewing could thrive. Then as he slept one quiet night while still on the magical island he dreamed that he and Pei-Fen were running a small, quaint and rather successful store together. Chinese herbs, teas and similar things lined the shelves. 

A Leap of Faith...

So as the adventurous pair settled back into life in the Comox Valley, Nelson could feel his creativity continuing to stir. He followed his keen intuition and he nourished his kombucha brewing dream. In November he instinctively registered the business name. Then in late December 2016 he noticed a commercial space for rent in an older building that begged investigation. Fortunately the unit proved to be within his limited budget. He felt it was a good omen to be trusted with the key before signing a lease just as Pei-Fen was returning to Taiwan to visit family. It was certainly a leap of faith! On the third day of bringing his houseplants and decorative trinkets to the unit to liven up and personalize the empty space, he sat on a folding chair in the corner of the front section to reflect for a moment.

"This is it!"

 Then it slowly dawned on him:"This is it ... Oh my goodness ... this is really it ... this is the exact scene from my dream!" The configuration of the entrance, the window, the sales counter and the room partitions were exactly as he had dreamed. The only difference was seeing teal green paint rather than the beige walls from his lucid dream on Denman. Later in the year as Nelson worked his way through the many hurdles of the building permit (with much assistance from Pei-Fen of course), he learned that the doors which swung in needed to swing out to comply with Building Code. With persistent effort and resolve, the work ensued. Now take a wild guess, if you will, what original color of paint was to be found beneath the interior casing of the old doors!

The dream goes on!

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