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Our Philosophy

Concepts enshrined by ancient mystics and countless modern scientific revelations are in agreement when it comes to accepting that the so-called material universe is not in fact solid, but rather, that all temporary manifestations are held in their respective states by frequency or vibration. Regardless of humankind's age old speculation and heated debate as to who or what force and energy set the first waves in motion, and how we as localized awareness and attraction points (individual consciousness) in this vibratory field can possibly relate to such evidently omnipresent power; humanity is better equipped now more than ever to level-up our game and to cooperate with these universal principles on an energetic level.

Why are we talking about frequency and vibration as the underlying manifesting principle behind all we experience with our five senses? And how does this relate to the beverage we produce? If we consider the profound implications of the subject matter of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto's groundbreaking book - The Hidden Messages in Water, we can easily discern the common theme that pervades his work, and was later extensively expanded upon in a book by The Corporation Republic of Hwa Dzan Society. That common theme so beautifully and simply depicted and described in both publications, is basically that; spoken or printed words, music, photographs and even events, all possess and transmit a unique frequency - an energetic imprint if you will, that is not only readily absorbed by water in particular, but also retained; as evidenced by the patterns of the flash frozen ice crystals. Samples of water exposed to what may commonly be described as negative, chaotic or unloving energies would inevitably produce asymmetric or disjointed ice crystal formations, while those samples exposed to kind words, harmonious music and similar positive loving impressions, would exhibit symmetry and exquisitely beautiful patterns. Overall, it could be demonstrated that no two ice crystals were identical. How then are no two ice crystals identical if the basic building blocks of Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms are not impacted in their assembly by the information, energy, thought forms and/or intention to which they are previously exposed?

Indeed, water is necessary for life, and water can be demonstrated to retain information.

So again, how does this relate to our brand and our product? Whereas our human bodies are all composed of approximately 70% water, it is with acceptance and respect for this ancestrally known energetic principle of water having memory, that we endeavour to treat the primary ingredient in our product with utmost gratitude and care. When we heal and purify the municipal water coming into our facility for production of our oak cultured tisane, we start by two stage filtration followed by gravity purification with the world famous Black Berkey® Purification Elements. Further Vibrational Attunements are implemented during the fermentation process such Feng Shui treatments, BioGeometry Placements, and select pieces of recorded music. We have clear personal energy and intention for the entire brewing process, and the facility itself is also designed and appointed to emit a healing vibration. This energetic preparation of the facility actually began synchronously with our acquisition of the brand new unit, when the entire site was blessed and prayed over as the Garry Oak Park official opening was marked with a Totem Pole Unveiling Ceremony by Chiefs, Elders and Members of the Snuneymuxw First Nation, on who's unceded Ancestral Territory we live and conduct our business.

Beyond our initial respect for the primary ingredient in our product, we pay homage through our branding and formulations to the foundational tenet of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - the Five Element Theory. For each of the five material elements, (Water-Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal), there are five corresponding seasons, five colours, five tastes, five root emotions, five organ systems, and five human virtues. At the foundation of the bodily systems is the digestive system, with Trust (Truth) as the corresponding virtue. We are convinced that many of modern society's ailments can be relieved by re-establishing our fractured relationship with traditional living foods and thus with our first brain - the gut! Multiple emerging scientific findings, as published by GMFH for example, validate direct correlation between gut-microbiome health and diversity, and virtually all aspects of human health. While it is known that approximately 70% of our immune response is related to our gut-microbiome, many common modern lifestyle habits still continue to damage this fundamental living environment.

Thus, we aim to reinforce the immeasurable value of select herbal blends and then enhance their bio-availability through Oak Vessel fermentation with beneficial microbes from what is commonly known as Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). While a myth persists among the uninitiated that kombucha SCOBY requires true tea (Camellia Sinensis), containing caffeine, along with copious amounts of sugar, for proper fermentation to occur, this is simply false. Kombucha SCOBY is highly versatile and can, in a sense, be trained to thrive on various nutrient substrates. Additionally, the sugar requirement for adequate and safe fermentation is not nearly as gross as you may have been led to believe. The comparatively minute measure of organic cane sugar in our finished product can actually be protective to the spleen for those engaged in rigorous mental activity, according to TCM.

Why do we strive to offer the absolute highest quality cultured tisane functional beverages possible, and why do we insist on presenting our beverages in bespoke packaging in such limited quantities? For the same reasons that passionate artists in any medium will labour tirelessly to hone their skills and place every last finishing touch on their creations before offering them up for the public enjoyment.

The essence of our brand DNA is hereby revealed in our desire to cultivate wisdom and propagate truth. By elevating values such as kindness, loyalty, service to others, responsible stewardship, and the pursuit of excellence, we steadily advance in both mundane and spiritual affairs. By honouring our own unique creative drives and talents, we offer our best to the world.

“When you don’t understand, you depend on reality. When you understand, reality depends on you.” Bodhidharma